Bleach 2013

The Gold Coast has long been renowned as the global home of surf and beach culture and the Bleach* Festival was created to celebrate this culture in all its forms.

With over forty events and across sixteen days, the Bleach* Festival features art, music, theatre, food, fashion, lifestyle and surf.  Held annually in February and launched before the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro, the 2012 opening event saw the streets lined with fashion market stalls, a stage with tunes rocking all day, street theatre and workshops. It also featured the world premiere performance of The Surfer and The Mermaid, a children’s theatre production that brought to life Tim Baker and Ted Grambeau’s book.

Over 30,000 creative and artistic people attended last year’s Bleach* Festival celebrating the culture of the beautiful Southern Gold Coast beachfront. The multi-arts festival provides a creative professional outlet for many artists on the Gold Coast and an opportunity to present their work to new markets through Pop-Up-Bleach galleries, Bleach on the Rocks live art projections and a diversified film program.

According to festival director Louise Bezzina the Festival’s footprint is likely to expand given its relevance to the city.  “We will be really focusing in on the music and I can tell you that the Festival will have a few new surprises!” Speaking to Louise as she travelled the US she was seeing Broadway shows, Brooklyn exhibitions and taking in great music and pop up installations. “Travelling to Central America I saw a whole different art scene that was much more organic and connected to place.” she said. Will we see any of these influences incorporated into the 2013 Bleach* Festival?

“You will have to stay tuned!”



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