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By Yvonne Rose


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Here in the northern rivers I have met so many creative people. A good percentage of these are would-be authors like myself, who spend large tracks of time beavering away at their next piece, dreaming of having their work read and appreciated one day. The beauty of writing is that its a one way communication for the writer, however when people do read your work you hope they can hear you and ‘really get’ what you are trying to convey.  However, it happens that, converting the images in our heads, and the voices in our ears into scenes and dialog is not an easy task and definitely not for the faint-hearted. I’m sure the hills behind Bryon are littered with half written manuscripts. I know because there’s one buried in my backyard.

The toughness it takes to be dedicated to the craft of writing is bolstered when we meet like-minded people. That is one of the many reasons I enjoy getting along to the Byron Writers Festival as often as I can. I have been online in recent days looking into whats on offer for 2012. As usual, its a feast of culture. There are opportunities to see some literary heros in person. Highlights for me include, Fran Kelly chairing a panel discussing Australia’s Political Future, and I’m keen to see local comedian/star Mandy Nolan with friends doing some ‘stand up’ comedy.

The Festival Workshops are an opportunity for aspiring writers to grow more competent in their craft and gain new techniques to help push along the creative process.  The workshops are also a chance to meet and collaborate with people who have similar

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interests. The workshop titles sound interesting too, like the crime writing session, Scaring People Sh*tless: the craft of crime writing. The title immediately implies a weapons check at the door before attendees are allowed in., lol. Now am I allowed to say lol? Well that’s a good question and one that may well be answered at Wireless Women: Writing in Cyberspace happening at the ABC3 Marquee on Saturday.  And for a good dose of inspiration, I’m sure hearing Jessica Watson speak about Oceans with Tim Baker and Chair, Gideon Haigh, would lift most of us out of a funk.

The ultimate in motivation and raising your creative vibe, would have to be the writers festivals Launch Pad. This is where newly published authors burst onto stage and have a time-slot allocated to enlighten the crowd with some behind the scenes chats about how the novel came into being.  Recently I cut out an ad from a graphic design magazine that quoted; ‘creativity can be your best friend’.  I think it can but it can also be a lot things in-between.  So for those us who may be struggling on the path to writing greatness I think Festival Director Jonathan Parsons and his crew at the Northern Rivers Writers Centre and doing their best to give us another incredible ByronWriters Festival … might see you there!

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