Karma Kids Build Calmer Adults

Currumbin Beach Queensland – where families frolic on golden sands. Home of dolphins playing in crystal clear waters, pumping surf breaks, iconic rocks, cafes and shops, a wildlife sanctuary and Karma Kids Club. In the peaceful environment of Currumbin Beach, Karma Kids are introduced to calmness techniques, mindfulness and creative play which encourages them to a potential lifelong relationship with the wisdom of yoga.

Talking to Angela Fitriadi, co-founder of Karma Kids Club Australia, I discover that she has a vision to build a healthy society, not just for her own children and their future, but for the greater society.  Both Angela and her co-founder/business partner Skye Voloder are mothers of young children and this inspired them to take their new yoga program into kindergartens, pre-schools, primary schools, shopping centres and wherever young children congregate.

Founded in 2009, Karma Kids Club involves the practices of yoga breathing and stretching, developing mindfulness, relaxation, self-awareness and arts & craft. The Karma Kids Show and Program also includes techniques such as role playing and visualisation to help children to feel self-empowered and free. The new creative program is based on Ancient Wisdom and is already affecting change within the parameters of the rigid traditional school system.

A singing bell sounds in Currumbin and the Karma Kids assemble on their mats ready for a yoga based interactive session. “we start the session with a bell – it’s a singing bell …we use the bell to bring the children into a routine (when children hear the bell they come back to their mat, raise their hands and as the bell sound diminishes the hands come slowly down) this teaches them self-awareness/self-discipline …”  Vibrations of the bell provide an inner directive based on the ancient Buddhist tradition where a bell draws the monks to prayer/meditation.

In the unique Australiana Show that Angela and Skye have developed especially for Karma Kids there are various yoga poses revamped and linked to Australian animals such as emu, kookaburra, owl and koala. In the craft section of the show children are able to choose an animal they relate to and complete a drawing or create something tangible that ‘brings yoga to life through the education of Australian animals’.

Age groups that benefit from Karma Kids range from four to twelve years, with each show being age appropriate. Angela says her strongest memory of childhood was of ‘just playing – growing up and having freedom… being able to play outside without your parents watching over you’. She remembers playing with the same group of children from age five up until high school. Angela talks of having a ‘little bit of sadness’ that children today can’t have as much freedom, because the world we live in is a little bit more unsafe than it was then.

By Janina Lace

Website www.karmakidsclub.com/

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