Kingscliff Design Student Success

The Australian Museum has sponsored The Fashion Less Waste (FLW) design competition since 2009.  The annual design event is open to both adults and high school students with the main aim of the competition to encourage a more sustainable fashion industry – to help to fashion a less wasteful world. Entrants were encouraged to use materials that are not curbside recyclable or notorious for harming animals as litter.  Another purpose of the competition is to develop each entrant’s design skills and to foster an appreciation for natural history and encourage further research. This year’s theme was ‘Deep Oceans’ and the finals were held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Design teacher, Stacy Pollard set The FLW competition as a class brief .The response from the Certificate 4 Design students at Kingscliff TAFE was inspiring with students commenting on oceanic environmental issues such overfishing and the unsustainable practices that are diminishing fish stocks, senseless ray gilling for chinese medicine production and whaling. Some students illustrated a sheer fascination with deep ocean dwellers such as the viper fish.

Materials such as plastic milk bottles, CD Discs, weed mat and a trampoline mat were utilised. Joe Mashett’s brainchild, a gown based on the Nudibranchia and the deep-sea acorn worms, was constructed from over 70 remote controls that were dissembled into their plastic, rubber and circuit boards components. Joe was encouraged to enter the competition and he accessorised the gown with jewellery made from the remote control’s circuit boards as well as a satellite headdress making an environmental statement about the destruction of the seabed through telecommunications.

Joe was selected as one of ten finalists and was requested to attend the red carpet event at the Australian Museum on July 26, 2012. TAFE sponsored Joe’s attendance, helping with airfares and accommodation.  Joe’s daughter, Olive proudly paraded his creation on the red carpet on the big night.  The judges, Akira Isokawa (from Akira), Louise Olsen (from Dinosaur Designs) and Kelly Elkin (from ALAS) commented on the high calibre of the work and had great difficulty coming to a final decision but it was Joe’s entry that caught their eye and he was named winner for sparking thought about sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

Previously Kingscliff Design students Sarah Follent and Sarah Williams have won accolades in 2010 FLW securing winner and runner up respectively. The theme on this occasion was the international year of Biodiversity. Sarah Follent’s dress was made of old books and made a statement on paper production using old growth forests and the loss of habitat.

If you would like to view Joe and the other finalist entries, the exhibition will run until 29 November at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, in Waverton, Sydney NSW.

For further information please contact

Stacy Pollard

Teacher of Design Kingscliff TAFE



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