Still @ the Centre

Still @ the centre is a beautiful space dedicated to your art, creativity and inspiration. A place in which to bring your dreams, share the technical issues you encounter in making those come true so that, together, we can find the creative solutions to suit your art and your budget.

Hand in hand with the centre becoming a creative space, came the need for…art supplies. We took our time, compared, studied and researched and now have a truly extensive range of the finest art materials from all over the world. We are also happy to give you advice on art materials in the shop or online. We offer framing, fine art giclee printing, canvas stretching, laminating, scanning, retouching and block mounting and more.

Come and make art in one of our ongoing art classes in drawing, painting, art journaling and mixed media.

We’ve put together the best ingredients and now we wait for you, the cook, the wizard, the artist! Because an atelier is a lively place, a place of creativity and sharing, a place in which to meet, talk and laugh, a place of joy and friendship, and most definitely always  a place in which… all colors are welcome! 


Monday 10am – 1pm Experimental Drawing


Employing various media and subject matter such as portraiture, life drawing, collaborative pieces, plein air work and collage in playful and innovative ways, Experimental Drawing offers participants the opportunity to expand their drawing range and skills base whilst remaining true to and enhancing their personal drawing vocabularies.
Tuesday 10am – 1pm Inside Outside – My World


This term the theme asks you to establish what inspires you – the world of nature or the world of interiors. We can observe nature in microcosm or macrocosm, or paint about domestic objects, the rich potential of still life, or an interior world of imagination. For the first few weeks we will explore all of these options, all the different ways that artists explore these subjects. Then enjoy finding your own rhythm and stylistic approach to your chosen subject to develop a series of artworks, using your favourite medium.
Wednesday 10am – 1pm Shrine making (a 6 week workshop)


People have created shrines for thousands of years to celebrate and honour connection to spirit, nature, significant people and important life events; in short, anything which holds meaning and deserves remembrance and is close to our hearts. In this workshop you will learn how to create your own personal shrine from a beautiful cardboard template which is very versatile and easy to assemble. The shrine will be your canvas to express your heart’s content in colour shape and form. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this process and you can choose how simple or intricate you like to decorate your shrine.
Thursday 10am – 1pm Dr Turiya’s Mixed Media Clinic


You can be a beginner, a dabbler or a committed artist and let yourself, at your own level, be inspired by the ideas that flow in the class setting or, if you have a project,  venture in a new technique. You can also bring your creative dilemmas and see them resolve before your very eyes. Snake oil you may think, but no! Turiya has studied many different art medias and has enjoyed the exploration since she was 14 years old so that gives her well over 30 years of experience in all the tricks of art making.
Still @ the Centre
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