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Adobe CS6 & Cloud

Adobe CS6 & Cloud

It started with 3.5 in floppies, then CDs, DVDs, and then the Suites era, now Adobe has gone to the cloud.  Aidan Carlan looks at the pros and cons of Cloud entitlement.

The Adobe Master Suite can now be purchased through membership of the Adobe Creative Cloud, with a 12 month contract that is $62.99 per month for the general public and just $24.99 for students and teachers. The age of app development, and cloud computing is about entitlement, and with the Creative Cloud you suddenly become very entitled. I received my confirmation email for the Student/Teacher price just 24 hours after paying online, and I was sent a link to my new empowered Adobe account.

The first download is the Adobe application manager, this is like the apps store for Adobe, you now have access to the entire Adobe Master suite.

The first app I downloaded was InDesign CS6, it took about over an hour on my home broadband, indeed for a Mac all the downloads are rather lengthy, I’ve been told that it’s faster on PCs, relative demand? Anyway soon we are past the flashy new splash screen and into the app itself.

The first thing I looked for was the DPS  extensions, the folio builder and the overlay creator as the main reason I got the suite was for iPad app development. They were Pre installed surely? No they were not. In CS5.5 a couple of clicks and you were up and running, well not so in CS6. I did eventually find and download the install file, which did not run.

After an extensive search on the net I found solutions that involved re-writing .dat files, not happy at all, and Adobe phone support? Forget it they never pick up the phone. This may soon be fixed of course, because of people like me giving Adobe our customer feedback, oh yes they will be getting feedback. So InDesign CS6 …one star only for the new splash screen.

Adobe CloudNext I tried the new CS6 Photoshop, a shorter download and we were into the new black look interface. A few minutes later and it’s clear that this is the best Photoshop ever, a vastly improved crop tool, great selection tools and a generally better feel to the whole package, Photoshop has been polished, tuned and given a groovy new carbon fibre body… 5 stars.

There are a few new apps in the store, Muse is the first I tried, web pages for dummies basically, it is true WISYWIG web design, I am now redoing my site with it ( and yes I think this app has a great future…4 stars

There are some fading stars still hanging in there, Flash is still available, despite the challenge from Edge, the new HTML 5 app for animation and interactivity. However we are told that we only have a 50 day preview of Edge, so for uncertainty and possibility that they may ask for more money…2 stars.

There are many other things your Cloud subscription will let you do. You get many gigs of storage, web sites, and a single licence to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Entitlement on the cloud feels really good so with…4 stars I highly recommend it.

Maybe in the future we will apply for jobs with a list of our entitlements next to our qualifications, the cloud is here to stay and this one does have a silver lining, but it’s not heaven, new apps often have teething problems. So if like me you love to be cutting edge, well now you can be from just $24.99 / month

Reviewed by Aidan Carlan


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