Earthlings From Outer Space

By Jeff Dawson


Not all that far out from Roswell, deep in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada, tens of thousands of Earthlings slip through a portal.  A kind of worm hole portal between the default world and their Home, the Playa.

Many of these beings are not reptilian, many are not aliens, most do not look like you or me, well, not like me anyway, they are ‘Burners’. For eight days a year they cluster to recharge, then disperse back to the four corners (?) of the planet.  Almost blending in with the rest of inhumanity.These images are of Burners, Party Spacelings, all live by the creed, ‘eliminate beige’.

Creative Art

An explosion of creative art of radical expression, self and reliance

Party Spacelings

Eight days and 150 miles from anywhere

We are Burners

Burning Man is as much a social experiment, as it is a celebration of art

If Salvador Dali had designed Disneyland, built it 150 miles from anywhere, handed out acid at the gate, then body painted everyone’s costumes on, he would’ve ended up with something closely resembling Burning Man.

Fifty thousand people spend eight days in this surrealistic art park each year. This is a party party where there is no commerce, everything is gifted.  Where creativity is currency, where there are no spectators, everyone participates.

This is where radical expression, radical self, reliance, radical inclusion, communal effort and ‘leave no trace’ are the manifesto of Anarchy.


Earthlings slip through a kind of worm hole between the default world and their Home

Burning Man is as much a social experiment, as it is a celebration of art, an envelope pushing exercise.

Burning Man Nevada USA 27 August to 3 September 2012

Website: Burning Man

Burning Seed Australia Narrandera, NSW 26 Sept to 2 Oct 2012

Website: Burning Man Australia

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