Norpa jumps aboard live theatre at Lismore train station

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Railway stations are places of the heart, where life’s journeys begin and end, where hellos and goodbyes remain locked in time.

When the Lismore station closed in 2003, more than 250 people turned up to protest the closing of the rail service. Now, Lismore Station is being brought back to life by Julian Louis and the team at Generator, NORPA’s Creative Development Program.

Railway Wonderland will have its World Premiere March 27th-31st, 2012. Take your seat under the stars and immerse yourself in a dreamy wonderland of strange encounters, wild stories, half-truths and bare-faced lies.

Written by Janis Balodis Railway Wonderland sees four strangers take shelter in the fluorescent glare of a railway waiting room. They are waiting for a bus since the trains don’t run any more. Their reasons for leaving are the stuff of melodramas, for love, for fame, to just run away, to go home one more time… The distant sound of a train whistle announces the arrival of a mysterious old woman who has come to catch the train. Is she an apparition, an angel, is she mad or all three? The bus is delayed and the strangers are swept up into the old woman’s tale of arrival as a young girl in a strange land and her search for belonging in a country town.

Two years in the making, Generator has developed Railway Wonderland through a series of Creative Development residencies and community consultations. Inspired by local stories of the region Generator engaged with local writers, actors, musicians, Rail Corp staff, historians, community choirs and local lobbyist groups.

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The strong interest in the Railway Wonderland project reflects the depth of feeling in the region related to the loss of Lismore Railway Station as part of the economic and social fabric.

Now Railway Wonderland will be held LIVE at Lismore train station, with the show featuring five performers, multiple characters, live music, a choir, laughter and romance. Take a magical mystery ride across time and discover the extra in the ordinary. Tickets can be purchased from Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA).

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