Swell Sculpture Festival-Review in photos

Every year in September, the sandy strip along the foreshore at Currumbin Beach comes alive in a visual spectacular of form, colour and movement. Celebrating its tenth year,  the Swell Sculpture Festival showcases sculpture in all shapes and sizes made from a diverse range of materials and entices hundreds of thousands of visitors to attend this popular coastal community event. Swell has become a leading artistic event with artworks from both local and international artists and is now the largest sculpture exhibition in Queensland.

Director of the Swell Festival , Natasha Edwards worked closely this year with Greg Howell from Climate Wave Enterprises to further improve the festival’s sustainable event management which already includes the use of solar lighting and a free bus service. This year the festival introduced secure bicycle parking using existing racks at the northern end of Currumbin beach. Over 100 cyclists including whole families took advantage of the service,  helping to reduce traffic flows.

The creative and alive atmosphere of Swell brings art to the wider public with the mantra of ‘getting art out there’. Humorous, nonchalant, serious and whimsical, the festival inspires, amuses and captures the hearts and minds of all who visit.


Photography by Martin A King


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